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Annie Xiang is a digital visual designer/artist, whose works vary from visual communication design, motion graphics, 2D animation, illustration, and interactive installation. Annie always keeps enthusiasm and motivation for the most cutting-edge trend.  Willing to exchange creative ideas, she pays attention to the landing of the designs, so as to improve the artistic quality of the project and realize the maximum commercial value.



Annie Xiang's practices take place in many fields of materials and medium. She seeks innovation in multi-disciplines and is keen on connecting art, technology, and commercial applications.


Interactive Installation

Memory. Eventually. Dies. In. Archivism. is an interactive installation that seeks to reappear the situation when people are engaging a brand new media. As technology has developed, the relationship between human beings and the virtual environment has become closer.

Through asking how do we approach the virtual environment, either physically or psychologically, I discuss both the possibilities and the hidden dangers of new media, also, I emphasize the reason why it is crucial that we be aware of the emerging digital media and virtual environment.


Quotes from New Media Theorists are printed in white ink on backlit film panels, and the participants need to use their own projected silhouette to spot the sentences. However, the silhouette gets smaller when the viewer gets closer to the panels, and the direction of the silhouette is also opposite to the viewer's movement, which makes the texts hard to be identified. When people are interacting with their projected digital silhouette, they tend to be more childish, naive, and unaware of the underlying fact that their information is being captured, documented, and used.


Participants also tried to identify which shape belonged to them when multiple shapes got fused. Are these digitally generated shapes only just visual representations of the participants, or have they already become the participants' primal virtual identities?

Memory. Eventually. Dies. In. Archivism. 记忆. 最终. 毁. 于. 归档. 是一个互动装置,试图重现人们参与一个全新媒体的情况。






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