Fruits, vegetables, helmet, plastic bags, iron plate, projector

Project Day focus on discussing both the temporal and the spacial connection between nature resources and manmade artifacts. 

By utilizing MadMapper, I mapped out all the actual object in daily life; combine with projection of casual street view footage, which is edited with VDMX and projected on the helmet and the steal surface, as well as the plastic materials around to indicates the constrained status of the man-nature relationship.



Acrylic, wood frame, web came, translucent paper, projector

In the project EXIT:, web camera was put in the framework that is similar to the Emergency Exit window on subway train. With real time delay effect that is programmed in MAX. Live footage with approximately 10 seconds delay was projected on the "window" -- just like the reflection on the mirror, to simulate the illusion of different passing speed of time.







Parts is a composable interactive ceramic sculpture piece. Separated parts of either human or other creature's body represent different intentions and moods. Open mouth, holding hands shows different emotional state when encounter animal or plant elements. Through resembling numerous random combinations, different human-nature or mental statements are being made.

© 2020 by Linyazhi (Annie) Xiang